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Chiar di Luna Bianco Merlot Ticino DOC

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  • Chiar di Luna White Merlot Ticino DOC

    Grapes: Merlot

    Chiar di Luna White Merlot Ticino DOC is a Merlot vinified in white, by a soft pressing and fermentation at a controlled temperature.

    It has a white paper colour with greenish reflections and a fresh, fruity, intense, fine and floral bouquet. It has a dry, savoury, intense and persistent flavour, with a taste of lime blossom and white peach.

    It is excellent as a meal, also excellent for aperitifs and to accompany summer salads, breaded whitefish fillets and ratatouille.

  •    Clear. Paper white color.

    Floral notes of white flowers and exotic fruit.

    Balanced, round and fruity.

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